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    Kruger International Corporate Identity and website

  • client name:

    Kruger International

  • sector:

    Asset and Wealth Management

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    design_corporate identity

    design_website design

    development_website development


Kruger International Website Development

Client Brief

Our client, Kruger International, is a family-owned business and leader in the wealth and asset management sector with branches across the country. They are a team of professional investors, who manage your money as they would manage their own. They are passionate about serving others with their experience, skills and expertise – helping clients to realise their financial and lifestyle goals. G2 was approached by one of our partners, copy creating expert Pieter Cronje, to re-design and develop their website. Pieter also helped Kruger International with their brand positioning and message.

Our Solution

For their new website we chose sailing as the main theme. Translated as "welvaart" in Afrikaans when referring to a journey at sea, we implemented this idea as it ties beautifully with the CEO's passion for sailing and wealth management ("welvaartbestuur" in Afrikaans). And, as their name suggests, we created a detailed illustration of the Kruger Pond coin to use as their new logo.

Kruger pond coin which served as inspiration for Kruger International's logo design
Collection of Kruger International's logo in Afrikaans, English, full colour, mono colour, and a simplified version.

To cater for any application G2 did full colour; one colour as well as a simplified illustration of the coin. The simplified version can be used for embroidery on corporate clothing or even when the logo is used in a very small size.

G2 alongside Pieter Cronje also helped Kruger International to create a range of infographics (English and Afrikaans versions) showcasing their services in detail.

Kruger International signage in gold on a marble wall
Infographic design in Afrikaans to explain services offered by Kruger International
Kruger International website design and desktop view
Kruger International website design and mobile view

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