We do what we love

Creating beautiful, engaging experiences that deliver real results across all media is what drives us, excites us, and yes, gets us out of bed every morning. Add to that our commitment to outstanding design, detailed processes, teamwork, and a desire to keep on top of the latest design and technological trends, and you’ll have some idea of what makes us tick.

Sound like the kind of team you’re looking for?

Design Services

Corporate Identity

A corporate identity must be unique, memorable and capture the essence of a company in an instant. We’ve had plenty of experience. Ten years and over 100 logos worth to be exact. And we’d love the opportunity to add your brand to our portfolio.

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Brochure Design

Whether it’s a simple pamphlet or a complex piece of corporate communication, we enjoy pushing the limits to create innovative, concept-driven designs. We take care of the copy, illustration and printing too.

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Annual Reports

Corporate financial reporting requires serious attention to detail and we have an excellent track record, which includes Blue Chip companies and the City of Cape Town. Let our internationally awarded team of design experts produce a creative annual report guaranteed to consolidate your brand’s position in the market.

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Packaging Design

It can be the difference between a sale made or lost and it’s why we’re so passionate about creating strong, innovative identities for each piece of packaging we design. Illustration forms an integral part of all our label designs and given our location in the heart of the Cape Winelands, we’re inspired to take wine label design to new heights.

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We offer a range of illustrative techniques from concept sketches to vector drawings and icon designs. Our illustrative talents have been successfully applied to picturesque aerial view and textural map renderings for several wine farms, including the much published Babylonstoren aerial landscape.

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Website Design

These days, an online presence isn’t enough. It also needs to be relevant and unforgettable and include SEO content that will ensure your brand is loud enough to be found. We combine functionality, interactivity, and creativity to craft a unique online space that works for your brand.

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Development Services

Domain and Hosting

We’ll help you register your domain (making sure you’re the legal owner), advise you on a hosting setup and environment, ensure that all your web records are correctly set up, and help you with your mail setup. In other words, we do it all.

User Experience

We base our UX on a continuous and iterative test and learn process, and one simple premise: looking at what problems the user is ultimately trying to solve. The result? We put the user at the centre of the experience. Every time.

Responsive Design

Fact: Tablets and smartphones are being used to to access the Internet more than any other device. Responsive design ensures that no matter what they use to view your platform, the experience is seamless and memorable. Bootstrap and Foundation are our frameworks of choice.

Content Management Systems

Do you or don’t you need a CMS? If your website requires regular updating, has a blog or gallery, a CMS is the way to go. If you’re building a static website that requires very few content updates, hand coding is the smart move. We offer static builds, custom built Wordpress themes (built from scratch so that you own the theme) and custom built CMSes.


When it comes to eCommerce solutions, we offer several options: 1: Shopify – we custom build themes from scratch (no templates here), ensuring that you own them. 2: Woo Commerce, a Wordpress eCommerce solution, 3: Custom eCommerce solutions that works with your existing CMS.

Software Design

Looking for a software solution to help streamline and optimise your business? We can help you with systems analysis, process design, system architecture, and database design. And if you’re not familiar with any of these terms, don’t worry. We know them like the back of our hand.

As our client, this is the journey you can look forward to:

Design Process

  1. Client briefing

    You tell us what you need.

  2. Creative strategy

    We go away and work out how best to communicate your goals.

  3. Research

    We explore what’s happening in the market.

  4. Creative presentation

    We present (wow) you with our creative execution.

  5. Client feedback

    You give us your input and we implement it.

  6. Delivery

    We produce the final product – and celebrate its success with you.

Development Process

  1. Research

    We look at what’s happening out there and identify the right tech for your job.

  2. Planning

    We get to work on your wireframes and fine tune the UX as we go.

  3. Design

    Our design and development teams work side by side to ensure that your design translates into a fluent Web experience.

  4. Development testing

    We test our work across various devices and all relevant platforms to ensure the right experience – no matter how a user interacts with your product.

  5. Launch

    We take your product to market – and track its success.